Work Gloves

Are your work gloves doing enough to protect you while you're out in the field? What would you do if you forgot a pair on the job site and weren't able to find them again? Would you end up losing time because you lost them?

The easy way out of this scenario is to make sure you're always carrying an extra pair. Find all the work gloves you need at SIM Supply, so you never get caught without gloves when completing a dirty job.

Safety & Comfort from Your Work Gloves

Of course, the single most critical thing to consider when buying work gloves is safety. You need something that provides a sufficient level of protection while remaining visible. For instance, the Channellock Med Hivis Mechanic Glove comes in high-visibility yellow so you could see them even in low-light situations. That's perfect for those who want to reduce the risk of collision while working at night.

Visibility isn't the only safety consideration you'll need to keep in mind, however. You'll also want to think about how much force they can take before they start to break down. Synthetic Leather Heavy-Duty High-Performance Gloves feature special reinforcements, so they're able to hold up to quite a bit of abuse.

While nobody should expect that their gloves are perfect, these are capable of tackling even many of the toughest jobs that you're likely to encounter.

Comfort is an important consideration. In fact, some safety experts say that people won't wear gloves that don't fit well, which in turn limits their ability to keep personnel safe.

Consider 2XL work gloves for those who have big hands and can't fit into smaller sizes. The extra space will go a long way toward making them a perfect fit.

Best of all, a variety of sizes are available. Those who have smaller hands and find themselves swimming in oversized pairs are easily able to switch to something that'll be a better fit. In many ways, this is a beneficial boon in the safety department as well since properly fitting gloves are less likely to slip off and get caught in any machinery.

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